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LTL Freight Shipping Information

LTL (Less than truckload) Freight is the term used when we send out a pallet of panels to our customers.  Use the provided PRO/tracking number to track your shipment as the delivery date can change depending on many factors.  Solar panel pallets are heavy!  A full pallet of panels can weigh 1000-2000+ lbs!  You will either need to have a forklift to lower the panels down, or request a truck with a liftgate to make your delivery.  The driver will typically only take it a few feet onto your property with their pallet jack.

Before shipment is accepted, please carefully inspect the shipment by following these simple steps:

  • Please do not sign the Freight Bill/Bill of Lading (BOL) without inspecting the load first; Once you sign for a shipment, you are accepting the shipment as being complete and undamaged

  • If  the damage to the package is less than 20% of the total load: take a minimum of 4 photographs (more is better!) of the load and ask the freight company driver to provide you with a Delivery Exception Number. Call us as soon as possible, and keep all of the original product and packaging until instructed otherwise. (Make sure the Delivery Exception number is written down on the BOL before signing it)

  • If the damage to the package is more than 20% of the total load: take a minimum of 4 photographs (again, more is better!),ask the driver for a Delivery Exception Number and REJECT the load.  Give us a call as soon as possible.

  • If damage is found after you have signed and accepted the package: take a minimum of 4 photographs of the damage and give us a call as soon as possible.  Damage can also be reported on our website: Click here for our Returns and Refunds page


Unpacking Instructions:

We ship our panels stack in two different ways, for safety reasons, please follow these simple unpacking instructions:

  • Remove the pallet cover to identify the way your panels are stacked on the pallet

  • If the panels were stacked flat onto the pallet, cut the straps off and you’re good to go.  

  • If the panels were stacked on their side, make sure the pallet is against a wall before cutting the straps, so the panels don’t fall over. (2 people are recommended for this setup)

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Solar Steals help me find completely usable solar panels for a fraction of the cost if I had bought them brand new. Customer service was outstanding and were super helpful in answering all my (many) questions.
- Stephen K
Thank you Solar Steals for helping me find panels for HALF the price. I was hesitant to purchase them refurbished but I just couldn't ignore the price!
- Laurie G
Everything from the customer service to the use of the website was a breeze. So glad I found these guys. I will definitely recommend them to my colleagues.
- Alberto R

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